Workshops/ Ceardlanna

Drumadóireacht agus amhránaíocht trí mheáin na Gaeilge.

Workshops ongoing in Teach Niall Ó Donaill, Loch an Iúir, Tuesdays 7-9pm

Yoga Drawing Jam

Workshop most recently ran at An Gailearaí, Gaoth Dobhair as part of a Donegal Visual Artist Network event.

Mandala Mindfulness

Workshops previously delivered for Donegal Social Prescribing and Cashel Library. Upcoming workshop as part of Bealtaine festival in Dungloe, Co. Donegal.

Full length versions of the Yoga Drawing Jam and Mandala Mindfulness are available in the Cairde Chomhcheoil / Members Area

Yoga Drawing Jam

In this workshop, the two practices of Yoga and Life Drawing are explored, with a view to enhancing neuroplasticity and enducing creative flow. Suitable for novices and established practitioners, the workshop is devised and delivered by artist/yoga teacher Maria Coleman. Numerous studies have shown that drawing can improve memory, reduce anxiety and increase resilience and concentration. Yoga's proven benefits include a shift from stress to relaxation mode, the promotion of sleep and the reduction of depression. Imagine what might unfold with their powers combined!
No experience required, as both drawing and yoga will be approached in an accessible and playful manner. 

Mandala Mindfulness

Einstein said "Creativity is a form of play... It builds new worlds and constructs new realities. Creativity is our superpower." Carl Jung described mandalas as "a psychological expression of the totality of the self." He used the circular image and the central point to which everything is related, to bring order to disorder and to initiate self-healing.

Come play with circles, colours and symmetry and sink into an enjoyable past-time that releases the thinking brain. It will draw you into creative absorption and nudge you towards emotional and psychological coherence.This easy, but rewarding meditative art activity will be coupled with a selection of short holistic healing practices to coax a creative flow state.

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