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Self Care Sunday at the Grianán Hotel, Burt, 

1-5pm, March 24th 2024.

In the beautiful circular Tuatha De Dannan suite of the Grianán Hotel, Burt, enjoy a gentle yoga session facilitated by Maria Coleman from Donegal Yoga Retreats / Comhcheol Arts & Wellness. This accessible practice is designed to bring ease to the body and mind, and prepare for deeper relaxation during the closing sound bath. This blissful hour and half will include the soothing sounds of planetary tuned gongs and solfeggio tuned tibetan singing bowls. The frequencies induce deep relaxation.

Afterwards, enjoy the hotel's classic afternoon tea, with its mouthwatering selection of sandwiches, wraps and savory baking, as well as delicious pasteries. Let the organiser know in good time if you have special dietary requirements.

Plan ahead and go up to An Grianán Ailigh, one of Ireland's most stunning hilltop forts in the morning before the event. Its a short drive by car from the hotel, or bring your all-weather gear and leave an hour or two for a leisurely walk up and back.The views are breathtaking. https://www.discoverireland.ie/donegal/grianan-of-aileach

"You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first."

You will float home from this Self Care Sunday, your cup filled to brimming!

www.donegalyogaretreats.com / www.comhcheol.ie

Please note the payment system does not automatically send a confirmation. If you don't hear from the organiser within a few days please TEXT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO 0879667142 to receive a receipt. Thank you.

Sound Baths

When packing for a sound bath :

  • Think warmth and comfort. Comfortable clothes, warm socks, cosy blanket/s, hot water bottle?-Bring something padded to lie on. (Folded quilt, sleeping bag, camping mattress or a second yoga mat etc.)
  • Consider bringing something to support under your knees. This passively releases the psoas muscles in the low back. (There are bolsters available. Please indicate by text if you want one provided. There is a limited supply so book early o879667I42).
  • If you prefer lying in your side ( which is a wonderful way to avoid snoring ), consider bringing ANOTHER PILLOW to place between your knees.
  • Arrive in good time so you are well settled before the start. Late arrivals can disturb the event.
  • Remember DO NOT BRING YOUR PHONE into the sound bath!

Slow Yoga

A short video introducing Slow Yoga and what makes it different from other practices.

Current Slow Yoga Classes (Spring 2024)

Ionad Teampall Chróine, Dungloe, Mondays @10.30am

The Dolmen Centre, Portnoo, Tuesdays @10am, Glenties Markethall, Thurdsdays @ 8pm, Pobalscoil Ghaoth Dobhair Fridays @9.15am, 

(Text O879667I42 to enquire)


Wellbeing Retreats

No retreat listings currently. Please check back.

Retreats have a dedicated site -  Donegal Yoga Retreats

Visit the site to see what past retreat offerings and to read testimonials. Collaborators include renowned Iain Miller from Unique Ascent and Dr. Caroline Burrow, from Sea Stone Sky. Venues have included Errigal Hostel , Caisleán Óir, Carnaween House and Lough Meela Lodge.

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